Aust online habits change amid coronavirus

Australian women have become more frugal online during the coronavirus pandemic if their search habits are anything to go by, while men have barely changed. Good hair has remained a top priority for both during the pandemic, while entertainment, music, movies and appliance searches dipped for women. And searches for holiday destinations plummeted as travel […]

FedEx Express Adds Robotic Arms to Help Handle Ecommerce Surge

This month, FedEx Express installed four robotic arms inside a sortation hub in its hometown of Memphis, in response to demands placed on its services in the midst of the massive pandemic-influenced surge in ecommerce orders, and to help distance workers. FedEx teamed up with robotics companies Yaskawa America, which supplies the robotic arms, and […]

How to Hire the Best Ecommerce Agency: A Complete Guide

There comes a time in any ecommerce seller’s journey where you’ll want to ramp things up a notch and enhance your online presence. There are many ways to do this – investing in high-converting marketing campaigns, developing SEO strategies, improving your web design, etc. Although these methods are effective, they’re daunting tasks – especially if […]

Shopify Customer Retention: 3 Step Strategy For More Revenue

Your Shopify store’s retention rate is key to long-term survival.  As one Shopify blog post points out, a small change in customer retention can significantly boost a store’s revenue. The example shows two stores that have 100 customers purchasing a $10 item every month. The store that managed to retain 10% of its customers over […]

AuMake says Covid-19 fast-tracked company’s digital and buy now pay later plans

Daigou business AuMake said the closure of its physical stores fast-tracked the company’s online development, launching the Broadway Online platform which gained significant momentum during the quarter. The store closures, part of the government’s restrictions to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, has also given the company time to look into developing payment platforms […]

Missfresh racks up $495 million in funding as China’s e-grocery booms

The COVID-19 lockdown around the world introduced online grocery to many shoppers for the first time, boosting an industry that had long drawn skepticism. In China particularly, the older generations often worry about buying perishable food items without scrutinizing them in person. Still, venture investors are bullish on the future of online grocery. One beneficiary […]

Arrive Outdoors, the gear rental platform for outdoor adventures, raises $4.75 million

Camping has been on the rise, especially among younger people, for the past couple years. Even during a pandemic, camping represents a relatively safe way to get back on the road again. Arrive Outdoors, a startup based out of Santa Monica, is looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of camping and interest in outdoor […]

How Can Beauty Brands Leverage An Increasingly Commercial Weibo?

With the introduction of its Mini Shop, micro-blogging platform Weibo is no longer just a content platform, but a transactional one as well. How can beauty brands benefit from this change and adapt their Weibo strategies accordingly? When Sina Weibo was first launched in 2009 by Chinese Internet company Sina, it modelled its interface after […]