5 ways B2B automation will transform your ecommerce business

What do you think of when someone says the word “automation?” For me, it’s robots in factories building cars faster than humans ever could. For you, perhaps automation brings to mind artificially intelligent algorithms spotting patterns in data and making decisions in fractions of a second. As a B2B supplier, maybe you associate automation with […]

How to Reach Gen Z in 2020—Beyond Authenticity

For one thing, they like paying with cash. They’re also suspicious, anxious and wary of the traps millennials fell into (see: college debt). They’re also purpose-driven and want to see more than an attempt at authenticity, yet they don’t mind targeted ads. Marketers across different industries, from streaming to cannabis, share which strategies they’ll be […]

How retailers are helping bushfire-affected Australians

While the Australian Government’s response to the catastrophic spread of bushfire throughout much of the country has been widely labelled as insufficient and tone deaf, many retailers and brands have taken it upon themselves to direct support to the people who need it most. According to the ABC, over 1300 homes have been destroyed this […]

Why partnerships are the new black in retail

As retail slumps to its weakest level since the 1990s, brands big and small are being forced to re-evaluate their proposition and plans for the future. Regardless of brand legacy, global ties, nicheness or celebrity ambassadors, no retailer seems protected from the backlash of the pull in consumer spending, with academic bookshop, The Co-Op being the […]

WeChat launches three features to fight off Douyin

WeChat launches three features to fight off Douyin 3 min read Image credit: BigStock/Jirapong Manustrong A version of this post by Thomas Graziani first appeared on WalktheChat, which specializes in helping foreign organizations access the Chinese market through WeChat, the largest social network on the mainland. Digital marketing in China used to be all about WeChat. Therefore, Tencent […]

Blockchain hub takes root in China’s smallest province

Blockchain hub takes root in China’s smallest province 4 min read Fishing boats moored in the harbor, Hainan, China. (Image credit: Bigstock/gyn9038) Government initiatives and policies to create a less hostile blockchain space in China have led to an influx of money and companies, old and new. The blockchain hub incentives offer a window of […]