Today’s average customer is online and connected and every individual has a voice and a platform to share their experiences and opinions of the businesses they engage with — and these perspectives matter.

In fact, 86 percent of consumers report reading reviews for businesses and most read up to 10 reviews before trusting a local business. Now, no two customers perceive an experience the same way and some customers are rarely, if ever, completely satisfied with a product or service.

It is just as important to make replies to negative feedback a standard operating procedure for your business moving forward. It’s best to handle customer complaints and thank your fans in a timely manner. 

We discussed earlier how many customers take the time to read reviews, but an even more important statistic to consider is that 89 percent of consumers read business replies to reviews.

Your response is a way to communicate with current and future customers how much value your company places on great customer service. This latest infographic addresses the different ways a company can respond to negative reviews through real-world examples and templates.

This infographic is courtesy of Housecall Pro.

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